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theBlu VR on Oculus coming soon!

TheBlu turns the Internet into a globally-connected 3D digital ocean, providing an immersive experience that is both fun and educational for all ages.

Mentors of theBlu

"TheBlu brings together the biology, the activism of conservation, the beauty and the artistic elements as well as the grassroots, participatory artist movement."
Avatar Academy Award®
Animation Director
"The largest project I worked on was Avatar, where I worked with about a hundred artists and animators. TheBlu is the possibility to work with thousands, tens of thousands of artists all over the world."
Explorer in Residence
"TheBlu is an extraordinary way to enjoy the Oceans and learn about all the individual species that interdependently form our life support system. I am delighted to be part of theBlu and offering my guidance."

Friends of theBlu

Stunning 3D Graphics

TheBlu is a mesmerizingly beautiful 3D online ocean world with a vast variety of species and habitats created by Academy Award winning artists and animators.

Globally Connected

Join friends and adopt your own ocean species in theBlu and follow them as they swim from computer screen to computer screen across the internet around the world!

Maker Made

TheBlu is a global collaboration in the making. Every species and habitat in theBlu is a unique work of art created by digital artists around the world.

Ocean Conservation

TheBlu helps raise awareness for our Oceans, our life support system, as Dr. Sylvia Earle refers to it. Support ocean conservation by adopting Ambassador Species in theBlu.

Partners of theBlu